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Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory (Calgary) Dance Artist Jason Owin F. Galeos was born in 1986, in Bergen, Norway and was raised in multiple international countries by two Filipino parents. He started dancing at the age of 16 and formed a dance group known as BattLeZone. He is recognized for his unique movement voice, cross-genre approach and has a passion for Hip Hop, House and Funk Styles.


He holds a BA at the University of Calgary (2012), focused primarily in Contemporary Dance and trained extensively at Impuls Tanz (Austria), Urban Dance Camp (Germany), & RUBBERBANDance (Montreal). He has worked for Movement with a Message, 49th Parallel Dance, Corps Bara Dance Theatre & Dancing Monkey Laboratories.


He is the founder of J-SIK Movements (2015) and presented his projects with Springboard Performance, Dancer’s Studio West, NextFest, Purposely Souful and To The AWE. Currently, Jason is in his 5th season with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.


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Le Journalier (extrait 2)

Le Journalier The Journeyman (extrait 2) 

Part of the 49th Annual Dance Montage School of Creative and Performing Arts 
Presented at the University Theatre (University of Calgary) 2018 

Choreographed by
Jason Owin F. Galeos

Dancers (extrait 2)
Anita Camacho, Kaili Che*, Dio Gil*, Kimberly Illot, Yuri Komatsu, Natalie Matsui,

Alyssa Maturino, Michael Moore, Travis Nguyen, Nyasha Nyamaka, Crystal She*, Fritz Viray


Sometimes we narrow the effects of travelling to only one reason: to accumulate new movement. The journey is so much more. Go explore.

House Class
Open level
19:30H Thursdays
continues on the year 2022
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J-SIK Movements 2019/2020
June 2021

New Video

This is J-SIK Movements 2019/2020. In hopes to the new road map of what projects may come. 

Oct 2021

Ember Dance co

We will be guest teaching for Ember Dance on two dates (1 on October and 1 on November)

November 2021

Corps Bara Dance

We will be guest teaching on three different dates for Corps Bara Dance Theatre. 

Dec 2021

Winter Intensive

Dec 20-22 Daytime 10:00-1130am at 
DJD Dance Centre.

Registration opens Nov 19


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