Jason Owin F. Galeos


Born in Norway, Jason Owin F. Galeos is a dance artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His dance studies are based on Hip Hop, House, Funk Styles and Contemporary Dance. He has danced for Tara Wilson, Saxon Fraser, Melissa Monteros, Deanne Walsh, Wojciech Mochniej, Michele Moss, Pamela Tzeng, Zahra Shahab and Sylvie Moquin.


Since 2007, he's been recognized in the community for his unique movement and cross genre approach. In 2012, He earned his BA at the University of Calgary, Majoring in Contemporary Dance. In 2015, Galeos started J-SIK Movements: the spontaneity and immersion of hip hop culture and the choreographic maturity of contemporary dance, where he evolved as a professional dancer.  In 2017, Galeos co-produced his very first production in collaboration with Purposely Soulful "Fall of the Leaf | HØSTEN BLADET".

in 2018, Galeos collaborated with Ember Dance Company and presented "Die Münze (The Coin)"  provided by Springboard Performance and Good Women Dance Collective. Galeos continues to further his career nationally and currently resides in Calgary in his 3rd season as a Company Dancer for Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.


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Le Journalier (extrait 2)

Le Journalier The Journeyman (extrait 2) 

Part of the 49th Annual Dance Montage School of Creative and Performing Arts 
Presented at the University Theatre (University of Calgary) 2018 

Choreographed by
Jason Owin F. Galeos

Dancers (extrait 2)
Anita Camacho, Kaili Che*, Dio Gil*, Kimberly Illot, Yuri Komatsu, Natalie Matsui,

Alyssa Maturino, Michael Moore, Travis Nguyen, Nyasha Nyamaka, Crystal She*, Fritz Viray


Sometimes we narrow the effects of travelling to only one reason: to accumulate new movement. The journey is so much more. Go explore.

Jason J-SiK
Classes will resume

in 2021

Project Perlas (Pearls)

Producer/Director: Krizia Carlos
Make up Artists:

Celebrating Five Years

Part 6-10 of Celebrating Five Years with J-SIK Movements. Spring Intensive Dates TBA.

Orbit (Draft)

J-SIK Movements latest project

Platform: To The AWE
Venue: The New Gallery
Photographer: Chelsea Yang-Smith

Celebrating Five Years

Part 1-5 of Celebrating Five Years with J-SIK Movements. New Creations Coming Soon.


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