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Jason Owin F. Galeos

Official Website of Jason Owin F. Galeos #jasonjsikdance


Jason Owin F. Galeos is an independent Artist, long-time Dancer, and seasonal Teacher. He started dancing in 2003. He studied at the University of Calgary, Department of Dance with a BA in 2012. He has trained at ImPuls Tanz (Austria), Urban Dance Camp (Germany), & RUBBERBANDance (Montréal). He has worked for Movement with a Message, 49th Parallel Dance, Corps Bara Dance Theatre & Dancing Monkey Laboratories. He started J-SIK Movements as his own unique movement platform in 2015 and presented his projects with Springboard Performance, Dancer’s Studio West, NextFest, Purposely Souful and To The AWE. Jason also auditioned and became a Company Dancer with Decidedly Jazz Danceworks from 2018-2022 and has performed closely to a 100 shows, 3 Tours, 5 Provinces and 10 Cities. His mission from becoming a well known street dancer, expanding his education, performing local to professional, has recognized him for his cross-genre approach, and profoundly down to earth attitude.


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House Dance
Open level
18:45H Thursdays

DJD Dance Centre

September 2022

Celebrating 20YO

Click on the photo and celebrate 20 years in 2.5 min clip with 
Jason Owin F. Galeos

December 2022

Winter Intensive

Due to a recent injury. Class Drop in got postponed for now. However the Winter Intensive Dates will be announced.

December 2022

New Project Announced

Will be dancing in Vancouver. Details coming soon.

Jason and Michelle - 185.jpg

New Project Announced



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