Attitude Reflect Leadership (BZDC)


Part of Mpact's Show "The Cypher" Resiliency through belonging

Recorded on Opening Night Wednesday @ 7pm June 11, 2014

Held at the Martha Cohen Theatre (Epcore Centre for the Performing Arts)

Re-edited the video for viewing purposes only

Original footage by Dandee Eustaquio (Ontologic)

Teaser -

Full piece -


Dancers -

Ceniza Niña Aviles (Empiral Freedom)

Gomo Cabarroguis (Ontologic/Floorwookies)

Sandra Dizon 

Adam Hussein *Video

Jason Owin F. Galeos

Curtis Ng

Travis Nguyen *Video

Tony Tran (BGCYYC/Pulse Studios)

Sarah Trawick

Stephen Trung



Jason Owin F. Galeos



Salt-n-Pepa,The Reddings, Boyz II Men, Parov Stellar, Dogg Master, Common


Synopsis: I thank Christ for without Him, none of this would matter. When I was younger, my mom taught me how to dance. When I was 10, I learned and performed with my sisters (Joh, Jill, Janice). In Junior high I started learning hip hop. By the time I was 16, I danced with a crew known as FS (freestyle session) and when I was 17, Vanessa Padillo invited me to the dance club, and paved the way for opportunities. When I was 19, dancing almost came to an end, but then again every end has a new beginning. At the age of 21, I choreographed my first piece in Dance Montage. The following year, BattLeZone crew was introduced and I went back to school to train/study at the UofC's Contemporary Dance Program. Halfway through post secondary, I met Pamela Tzeng and she encouraged me to explore, travel, and experience the life of an independent emerging artist. At 23, BattLeZone went on a hiatus and at 25, I got a degree in Bachelor of Arts. From the beginning and now, I survived the negativity, confusion, and doubts of me choosing this path. So now at 27, I think even to this day...Attitude Reflects Leadership.

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