BZed Series: qrf-TENSION


Part of Sage Theatre's Ignite! Festival LAUNCH - Ignite! Dance Series

Recorded on Opening Night Wednesday @ 10pm June 19, 2014

Held in The Studio (Vertigo Theatre)

Re-edited the video for viewing purposes only

Teaser -

Full piece -


Dancers -

Meghann Michalsky, Aristotle Ngandu Nsungani, Chandler Smith


Jason Owin F. Galeos


Francois-Eudes Chanfrault, Henry Jackman, David Buckley


Three individuals that are capable of rapid response to developing situations. Let the tension begin...


Specia thanks to Galeos/Mah Family, Pamela Tzeng, Mike Czuba, Melissa Tuplin, Melinda Yeoh, Danielle Weinsley, Adam Hussein, Travis Nguyen, & Danny Troung

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