BZed Series: training in transition

In this specific process was my first time trying something new away from street dance and morphing into exploration. BZed stands for "BattleZone" which is a group I'm part of and "ed" stands for exploration dance. 

This piece revolves around five individuals with certain positions. A healer, control, night watch, heavy runner and steath. All these ideas came from a video game I played and was listening to the music. The composer and the mechanics of the game itself inspired me to transform into dance theatre.

Opening Night

Part of the Event known as Encorps Dance "Loops"

Presented at the Mount Royal University Wright Theatre Feb 11, 2012

Teaser -

Full piece -



Alen Chaudhry

Gomo Cabarroguis

Travis Nguyen

Michael Bantugan

Rhylan Cabalu



Jason Owin F Galeos


Recored with a Sanyo HD Camera 720p

Music is from the Call of Duty Modern warfare 2 Original Sound Score


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