DJD Dance Classes 2020

January 30, 2020

Teaching House at 18:30H and Hip Hop at 19:30H (Intermediate levels) every Thursday starting January 30. 2020.

Location at the DJD Dance Centre


January 03, 2020

With J-SIK Movements, Jason Owin F. Galeos merges the aesthetics of dance that lives in him: the spontaneity and immersion in hip-hop culture and the choreographic maturity of contemporary dance, where he evolved as a professional dancer. The character of the movement started out in late 2014 and has led to creations, workshops, and performances. Influenced by the elements of Breaking, the nature of animal movement and behaviour mixed with Capoeira, the dancer’s connection with the floor-Flying Low; Galeos’ choreographies explore human relationships by capturing the passion of physicality, the intensity of war, the delicacy of affection, and more as he continues his research.


Galeos has had the opportunity to work with such an amazing variety of emerging, mid-career & established professional dance artists. They are known for their versatility, technique, expression and most important of all...their contribution and support throughout this journey.


Ceniza Aviles Mejia Chandler Smith Meghann Michalsky Valentia Dimitriou Jennifer DeWolf Alen Martel Lindsay Oehlerking Abby Scott Brandon Maturino Nicole Charlton Goodbrand Laura Barcelo Chantal Wall Sylvie Moquin

Galeos also would like to acknowledge the very platforms that generated support & produced for these projects to be possible...

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Dancers’ Studio West W&M Physical Theatre/W&M Dance Projects Soulocentric Movement With A Message (formerly Mpact) Springboard Performance NextFest Good Women Dance Collective Purposely Soulful

Galeos’ list of creations thus far: *Die Munze (The Coin) Full - 2018 NextFest (Edmonton) *Die Munze (The Coin) Excerpt - 2017 Springboard Performance (Calgary) *Fall of the Leaf|Hosten Bladet Full - 2017 Purposely Soulful (Calgary) *BZED Series: Phase 4 Excerpt - 2016 Project Oswald & Soulocentric (Calgary) *Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure Excerpt 3 - 2015 Catherine H & Alison S (Calgary) *Munzwurf. Munzetropfen (Coin Toss. Coin Drop) - 2015 Dancers’ Studio West (Calgary) *Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure Full - 2015 NextFest (Edmonton) *Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure Excerpt 2 - 2015 Movement With A Message (Calgary) *Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure Excerpt 1 - 2015 Soulocentric (Calgary)



Le Journalier (extrait 2) Demo Reel

December 28, 2018

Check out the latest Demo Reel of my very own project that I started 3 years ago with Excerpt 1. I now present to you Excerpt 2 of Le Journalier The Journeyman. Enjoy and will be producing the 3rd installment in the future soon!

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