Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure

This was presented in Edmonton's #‎nxtfst Dancefest -ELEVATE PROGRAM- June 12-14, 2015 University of Alberta Campus St. Jean.

Presented this piece at the West Village Theatre (formerly DSW Dancer Studio West) as part of the Soulocentric Dance Cabaret. Show dates were on February 19-21 Th-7:30 pm/Fri-9:30 pm/Sat-7:30 pm.


Presented this piece at the HQ Warehouse Bay #3 as part of Mpact Movement (M)OTION AFFAIR. One time showing on April 18 Saturday 8:30pm.


Dancers -

Ceniza Niña Aviles

Jason Owin F. Galeos

Meghann Michalsky

Chandler Patricia Smith



Jason Owin F. Galeos


Audiomachine & Harry Gregson-Williams, Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders



The idea came from how many hats we put on in a day, week, months and/or years. Instead of hats though, I chose shoes because we put them on everyday of a particular purpose. We wear many pairs shoes in everyday life. Sometimes we accidentally step on something and make a discovery. Some days we get stepped on and we pause to take a closer look to see what happened. We carry them daily and we fill it with purpose. Look back on the trail we made and identify the footprints left behind. It's more than just about function and fashion.


Song Artist (Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm)
#nxtfst -
Curated by - Good Women Dance Collective
Rehearsal space - Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and Sugar Foot Ballroom
Outside eye and Feedback - Kate Stashko
Portable Projector Screen and Feedback- Pamela Tzeng
Camera (Saturday Night) - Albert Meija
Go Pro Camera, Tripod, HDMI Cable - Galeos & Mah Family
Costumes - American Apparel, Oakley, H&M
Charlene Grant Woodman Photography

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