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Offical Account of J-SIK Movements #jsikmovementsdance



With J-SIK Movements, Jason Owin F. Galeos merges the aesthetics of dance that lives in him: the spontaneity and immersion in hip-hop culture and the choreographic maturity of contemporary dance, where he evolved as a professional dancer. The character of the movement started out in late 2014 and has led to creations, workshops, and performances. Influenced by the elements of Breaking, the nature of animal movement and behaviour mixed with Capoeira, the dancer’s connection with the floor-Flying Low; Galeos’ choreographies explore human relationships by capturing the passion of physicality, the intensity of war, the delicacy of affection, and more as he continues his research. 
Galeos has had the opportunity to work with such an amazing variety of emerging, mid-career & established professional dance artists. They are known for their versatility, technique, expression and most important of all...their contribution and support throughout this journey.


Ceniza Aviles Mejia
Chandler Vallee-Smith
Meghann Michalsky
Valentia Facchini
Jennifer DeWolf
Alèn Martel
Lindsay Oehlerking
Abby Scott
Brandon Maturino
Nicole Goodbrand
Laura Barcelo
Chantal Osborne
Sylvie Moquin

Galeos also would like to acknowledge the very platforms that generated support & produced for these projects to be possible...

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks
Dancers’ Studio West
W&M Physical Theatre/W&M Dance Projects
Movement With A Message
Springboard Performance
Good Women Dance Collective
Purposely Soulful
To The AWE

Influential Artists 
Bboy Storm (Germany)
Bruno Caverna (Brazil)
David Zambrano (Belgium)
Carte Blanche (Norway)


Disrupt (part of Project 686km)

Video: Devon & Rich-Belle Banasen

Dance: J-SIK Movements

Outside Eye: Pamela Tzeng

Writer: Cindy Ansah

Music: Not Waving

Location: Decidedly Jazz Danceworks


*The following footage is recorded during the 2 week residency as part of the of Project 686km Artistic Exchange. It considers the distance between the creative centres of Calgary and Vancouver and offers a roadmap for creative exchange for emerging artists of colour who are living and creating in each centre. The residency offers artist driven discussions, creation, and work-in-progress showings.


Project 686km is developed by Springboard Performance, the Fluid Festival, and Made in B.C. - Dance on tour, with additional funding and administrative support from the CanDance Network, the Dance Section of the Canada Council of the Arts, and Canadian Heritage.


This event is a partnership with SLIPPAGE: PERFORMANCE CULTURE TECHNOLOGY Duke University, and SFU Woodwards Cultural Programming, as well as the facility support from partners Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, 45 W Studio, and VBC Studio.

Film: Devon & Rich-Belle Banasen

Drafts of Post Pandemic 2020

Video: Andy Moro
Dance: J-SIK Movements
Music: Woodju
Location: CSpace King Edward Building

*The following footage is recorded in one take only in the last few weeks of August 2020. With the mutual agreement between the videographer/director and the dance artist to keep things raw at the core as much as possible.

As part of the 20/20 Wavelength, it was playing in the Hallway Galleries 1-3 floors of this amazing art exploration.

Lead artist Andy Moro Creatively transformed the exhibition into the light-filled artworks to be installed on the lawn. These lanterns into the community will shine a light on the present moment, literally and figuratively, and inspire us through the long winter nights ahead. With special thanks to our sponsors, Alberta Culture Days, Lemay, and our collaborators at the Indefinite Arts Centre.

Orbit (Draft)

As part of "to the AWE" Season 3 Featuring 35+ daring artists. EXPERIENCE the unknown and excitement of live performance.


J-SIK Movements presents: ORBIT


ABOUT THE PIECE This idea is inspired heavily from a collaboration between visual artists and street dancers known as groundwaves. I'm currently in the process of transcending how to magnify the orientation from down below...on the floor. In physics, an orbit is the gravitational curved trajectory of an object, such as the trajectory of a planet around a start or a natural satellite around a planet. In dance, a rotation, composed direction/indirection can also create circular patterns like an orbit, repeating or non-repeating. This is a working draft heading towards a larger piece of creation.

Photography: Chelsea Yang-Smith

Der Schuh-Shoe-La Chaussure


Workshop for October is postponed.
Winter Intensive for December
is TBA

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