Le Journalier The Journeyman

(extrait 1) & (extrait 2) 


Part of the 46th Annual Dance Montage 
"be radical..." School of Creative and Performing Arts 
Presented at the University Theatre (University of Calgary) from Nov 19 -21 8pm and Nov 21 Matinee 2pm 2015 

Re-edited the video for viewing purposes only 
Choreographed by
Jason Owin F. Galeos

Dancers (extrait 1)
Amanda Calleberg
Kaili Che
Jenn Doan
Jason Owin F. Galeos
Dio Gil
Samantha Ketsa
Conni Mah
Brandon Maturino
Will Peever
Crystal She

Music (used in the piece) (extrait 1)
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
LeMarquis (soundcloud)

Dancers (extrait 2)

Anita Camacho
Kaili Che*
Dio Gil*
Kimberly Illot
Yuri Komatsu
Natalie Matsui
Alyssa Maturino

Michael Moore
Travis Nguyen
Nyasha Nyamaka

Crystal She*
Fritz Viray

Music (used in the piece) (extrait 2)

Antonio Vivaldi, Ensemble Explorations & Roel Dieltens
Chemical Brothers Feat. K-OS
The Roots

Sometimes we narrow the effects of travelling to only one reason: to accumulate new movement. The journey is so much more. Go explore. 

Curated and hosted by University of Calgary
Artistic Director - Oriana Pagnotta (2015) | Anita Miotti (2018)
Production Manager - Melissa Monteros (2015)
Production Asisstant - Amanda Bonnell (2018)
Sound Technician - Colin Barden
Stage Manager - Graham Frampton
Lighting Designer - Steve Isom
DAG Outside - Mark Ikeda (2015)
Dancers' Studio West - Outside Eye Service (2015)
Costumes - Banana Republic (2015) | H&M / Gap (2018)
Faculty Advisors - Sarah Kenny (KNES) & Melissa Monteros (SCPA) (2018)
Photography - CITRUS PHOTO

Special Thanks to
my family
my friends
Empirical Freedom
Movement With A Message
Valentia Dimitriou

and most importantly, the one and only, Christ Himself above
Eccl 11:9-10 NIV

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