Strangers Again


Part of Mpact's Show "Letters" Thriving Through Connection
Presented at the Big Secret Theatre (Arts Common Building) on September 30 - October 4th 2015.


Re-edited the video for viewing purposes only
Saturday night performance -
GH4 music video featuring RUBIX Original Track


Choreographed and Performed by
Jason Owin F. Galeos
Vanessa Padillo (Common Ground Dance)


Music (used in the piece)
Transit Feat. Jocelyn Alice (We Don't Say it Anymore)

Dear Us,
How did we end up here? Where did the time go? Who are you? It breaks my heart to see us like this and all I can do is stand here in front of you filled with so much emotion, but somehow it just numbs me...
Tell me, where do we go from here?


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