Suits of Armour


Presented at the Theatre Junction Grand June 14-15 2013

Part of the Invisible Show (Mpact Movement)

Re-edited for video viewing purposes only

Teaser -

Full piece -


Ceniza Niña Aviles

Justin Cancio

Jennifer DeWolf

Sandra Dizon

Jared Herring

Sarah Trawick

Melinda Yeoh



Jason Owin F. Galeos



Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Reunion Tracks)

EA Games Soundtrack (Battlefield 3 OST)

Alexandre Desplat (Zero Dark Thirty OST)



Different suits of armor that keep me from becoming to engaged and too vulnerable. Each strategy built on the same premise: keep at a safe distance and always have an exit strategy. It requires that I stay behind it so as not to draw attention to the imperfections and vulnerabilities.

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